DECT Phones Muscat

Grandstream Dect IP Phones

Grandstream Dect Phones DUBAIDect Phones are specifically built for mobility, that allows multiple users to listen and/or talk wirelessly at the same time without hindering audio quality. Grandstream Dect Phones in Oman offer high-quality wireless Dect voice communication across Your Business. Grandstream Dect Phone is well suited for Offices, Building and Ware Houses. The Whole Grandstream Dect Phone System consists of Dect Base Station, Dect Repeater, and Dect Handset. Grandstream DECT Phone System incorporates high levels of security to protect against eavesdropping and unauthorized network access. The Grandstream Dect Phones work with any SIP SUpprted Platforms and Grandstream IP PBX itself.

Grandstream Dect Phones are offered as a full package DP750 Dect Base, DP760 Dect Repeater, and DP720 Addon Dect Phones. Grandstream offers truly the latest and greatest of the DECT offerings with a cost-effective price Tag. The Grandstream Dect Phone in Oman supports 5 handsets at a time, 10 sip accounts, handles 5 concurrent calls simultaneously and even has built-in 3-way conferencing capability.  Grandstream Dect Phones in Muscat having an impressive range of 300 meters outdoor and  50 meters indoor. The base stations are POE supported, that allow you to deploy it without an AC power Source. The DP760 Repeater further increase the coverage of DECT phones and create a perfect DECT phone system for your workplace.

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