Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway Oman


Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway Oman

The Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway in Muscat is a 24 FXS port gateway offers fantastic high-call-volume handling and performance. The Grandstream GXW4224 Oman is compliant with SIP standards in addition to providing compatibility with most analog phone equipment, phones, including PBXs and fax machines. The Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway provides 24 FXS analog telephone ports, is quickly provisioned, offers the telephony features you want, has flexible dialing plans and advanced security protection, all to provide the telephony experience small and medium-sized businesses need.


Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway Muscat

The Grandstream GXW4224  VoIP Gateway in Oman is a 24 FXS port VoIP gateway that can be used to connect analog devices such as phones and faxes to a VoIP network. Support for some voice codes and a combination of 24 RJ11 FXS ports and a 50-pin Telco connector makes the Grandstream GXW4224 Oman VoIP Gateway useful for a variety of uses.

The Grandstream GXW4224 Oman VoIP Gateway is a next-generation high-performance high-density VoIP gateway that is completely compliant with SIP standards and mostly interoperable with many VoIP systems, analog PBX, and phones on the market. The Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway Oman features 24 FXS analog telephone ports, excellent voice quality, easy provisioning, rich telephony functionalities, flexible dialing plans, advanced security protection and brilliant performance in handling high volume voice calls.

The Grandstream GXW4224 Oman FXS Gateway offers small-to-medium businesses a second hybrid IP and analog telephone system that allows them to appreciate the benefits of VoIP communications while preserving investment on current analog phones, fax machines, and traditional PBX systems.

Grandstream GXW4224 VoIP Gateway Features:

  • 24 telephone FXS ports with both RJ11 and 50-pin Telco connectors, as well as per port LED
  • Gigabit Ethernet and a backlit 128×32 graphic LCD with support for multiple languages
  • 2 SIP server profiles per system and independent SIP account per port
  • Supported voice/fax codecs include G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A/B, iLBC, T.38 Fax
  • Advanced carrier grade 128ms-tail-length line echo cancellation
  • Over-voltage and over-current protection (ITU-T K.21 Basic Test Level)
  • Support VMWI, NEON LED and stutter tone for message waiting for an indication
  • Automated provisioning using TR-069 or AES encrypted XML configuration file; TLS/SRTP/HTTPS for advanced security and privacy protection
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